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Marketing Beyond Boundaries,

Building Brands Beyond Limits!

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Dependopolis is a boutique Business Consulting firm registered in London that helps businesses make the right decisions. We provide Web Development Solutions, Strategic Business Development & Digital Growth, Digital Marketing Strategy, and more!

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Marketing Beyond Boundaries,
Building Brands Beyond Limits!

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Mohammad Shabir
Mohammad ShabirDirector of Zareen Valley
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"Highly Experienced Chief Operating Officer specialized in Hotels and Banquets. I don't think there is any other similar service providers at his level catering specifically to hospitality on Upwork. He provided a little more than an hour of live Zoom session primarily addressing Business, Marketing and Sales Strategies for our Banquet Space in Chennai. He did not try to drag the discussion or try to upsell additional sessions. We felt it would have been better to record the session (he mentioned later that he does have Zoom cloud recording which is retrievable for up to 30 days - but this feature is only on request and it has to be requested in advance). Over all we are very satisfied with his suggestion and when necessary in future, we will take Shebin's service again."
Deen Sadiq
Deen SadiqDirector, Landmark Hotel
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 "Over the past decade, Shebin has been an invaluable resource, providing analysis and direction for our operations and new projects. Shebin’s strength has been his ability to immerse himself into our ways of working and providing advise that supports our company’s short, medium and long-term goals. Shebin’s knowledge and experience in the mid-market segment covers new market studies, operations and marketing. He understands cost analysis which we believe is vital in this market. Shebin has been in the trade long enough to understand its trends, and advice how to navigate through different market situations. They were also practical and helped us in achieving the desired results. Landmark Hotels & Suites is a leading mid-market hotel chain with six hotels in the UAE and one in KSA."