Jeff Stout

Vice President Of Business Development

Business Development | Logistics | Finance | Digital Transformation | Cybersecurity

About Jeff Stout

I help clients with SEO in a fully transparent fashion while cold calls are used to quickly drum up business. My SEO operation comes from over a decade of personal experience. I have automated most of the link building process myself with my own code I have developed. I look forward to being the most honest and transparent SEO consultant you have ever spoken to.

Cold calls are difficult. Cold calls are Alchemy. Having the right Process in place is paramount. Leads are the first step, the lead. Sales are the endgame, the gold. Cold calls should not be your first line of recourse in most businesses. Methods of lead gen with less obstacles should be tapped prior to engaging in cold calls. In modern times, people like the freedom to shop around and choose, raise their hand and be called, SEO helps you be found in the shopping process by the client. Other people like to discover and ads help them do that, help you raise your company to the top of a prospects awareness. Cold calls are for the stubborn clients that you want to “Hunt”. 

My focus is helping clients understand how to first get clients to come inbound through SEO, Ads and then finally attracting them through cold calls if all else fails. We start by analysing the viability and cost of an effective SEO campaign. Then proceed to run and optimize ad campaigns to discover ROI if available. All the while we take time to gather and refine leads, then call them and generate interest through a cold call.