Salsavil Kayyum

Team Member

Inbound Marketing | R&D Projects | Content Strategies

About Salsavil kayyum

I work as a Virtual Assistant at Dependopolis Consulting Limited, London (Remote).

As a passionate Computer Science graduate, I am driven by an insatiable curiosity to explore the limitless possibilities that technology offers to transform the world. My journey in the realm of computer science began with a fascination for solving complex problems and a desire to create innovative solutions.

I hold a Master’s degree in Computer Science from North South University, where I gained a solid foundation in algorithms, data structures, software engineering, and artificial intelligence. My academic journey allowed me to delve into cutting-edge technologies, conduct research in Data Analysis, and collaborate with peers on challenging projects.

My expertise spans a wide range of sectors including Inbound Marketing, Content Writing, Research and Development and Microsoft Office Suite. Also, Programming Languages, including Java, C and Python. I am constantly expanding my skill set to stay at the forefront of the ever-evolving tech landscape.