Pandemic and Pixels: The Critical Role of Functional Web Design in Covid Times


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Web Design in Covid Times

When the pandemic struck, every industry felt the shift, but web design felt a seismic jolt. You see, the global population had no choice but to pivot towards digital platforms. Every click and scroll became an essential touchpoint, with users demanding seamless, contactless experiences. This was no easy feat.


Take Zara, for instance – the popular Spanish brand revamped its online shopping experience, adding features that mimicked the in-store experience. Who would’ve thought? An online clothing store offering a virtually tangible shopping feel.


Virtual service delivery for continuity and accessibility.


It wasn’t just about shopping. With the world on lockdown, many essential services moved online. The onus was on web designers to ensure that these platforms were accessible, functional, and straightforward. They needed to create websites that wouldn’t just look pretty but would allow users to complete necessary tasks without complications.


I remember one client: a local psychologist shifting her practice online. It was about more than a basic site. They built a space for clients to feel heard and understood. Their screens became their sanctuaries.


Effective communication of safety measures.


Ah, safety! Everyone’s favorite word during the pandemic. It wasn’t enough to have safety measures; businesses needed to communicate them effectively. 


Web designers had the role of integrating these messages into sites without overwhelming users. The emphasis was on clear visuals, intuitive navigation, and concise language. And yes, this meant bidding adieu to the overused “We’re in this together” banner plastered everywhere.


Remote collaboration facilitated by functional web design.


One word: Zoom. A platform many had never heard of suddenly became the boardroom, the classroom, and the lounge for Friday night drinks. The essence of remote collaboration was dependent on functional design. Sites that supported video chats, document sharing, and real-time editing became paramount.


The Web Dev Expert recalls sleepless nights mastering this craft – a craft that proved invaluable when the world became a digital village.


Responsive crisis communication to keep users informed.


Did you know that during the early days of the pandemic, airline websites experienced a whopping 400% increase in daily visits? Users weren’t booking flights – they were seeking information. 


Responsive crisis communication was not about being the loudest, but the clearest. Web designs had to evolve, integrating real-time updates, FAQs, and easy-to-find policies. Users weren’t just seeking flight deals; they were in search of trust.


Digital customer support for seamless assistance.


With the surge in online activities came a barrage of questions, concerns, and complaints. Digital customer support went from being a luxury to an absolute necessity. Chatbots, live chats, and support forums – the realm of functional design became a hotbed for innovation. Web designers were now not just artists; they became the unsung heroes of customer service.


The pandemic shifted the paradigms of web design. As someone deeply entrenched in this sphere, I felt an array of emotions. Frustration? Yes. Elation? Definitely. Awe? Every single day.




Reflecting on the pandemic’s impact, businesses should understand that this isn’t a temporary phase; it’s the new normal. Embracing functional web design isn’t an option; it’s essential. Companies must adapt, innovate, and most importantly, prioritize the user’s experience above all else.


Stay ahead, stay relevant, and remember – in the digital age, pixels can be as powerful as people.


Up next: Dive deep into the nuances of web typography – because, in the digital world, fonts do speak louder than words.

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