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Dependopolis Case Study

We have been fortunate to collaborate on several visionary projects, and we feel honored to have played a role in bringing those ideas to fruition.

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Zareen Valley

Planning and Navigating Digital Transformation

Project Value: The estimated budget is around 2 million USD / more than 400K USD annually.

Project goal:
SBK Real Estate, a Dubai-based property management company, which manages over 17,000 residential inventory and 2.5 million square feet of commercial spaces, wants to take the next step forward and enter a new era of streamlined operations. With multiple business venues, hundreds of team members, and thousands of residential units under their management, they’re eager to transform their operation process as well as the IT infrastructure. They want to implement modern technology solutions that can help them scale up efficiently and satisfy everyone with the result, all while staying cost-efficient.

After our initial meetings with the client requesting restructuring, we gathered project requirements from each stakeholder. As per the organizing needs, we set appropriate milestones and judged that the project should be able to be completed within 5 years. We decided to move forward with the plan.

With regular communication and coordination between every respective stakeholder, I have delivered the following:

▸ Delivered multiple, large development efforts according to the multi-year integration plan, but delivered incrementally.
▸ Upgraded the IT infrastructure.
▸ Identified key success metrics for integration and delivery.
▸ Identified operational impacts of initiatives.
▸ Managed & maintained communications and collaboration with project managers.
▸ Structured deals with external consulting and implementation partners.
▸ Worked closely with internal groups to identify opportunities to improve their databases and server.
▸ Provided strategy for Workflow Automation.
▸ Structured a deal with a company to develop a custom ERP solution
▸ ClickUp, Unified Endpoint Management (UEM), Sangoma, Hubstaff, HubSpot, and several other software Setup and Optimization for communication and collaboration between all the stakeholders as well as monitoring the team and workflow.

Improved Results with Marketing and Sales Strategies

Zareen Valley is a beautiful banquet hall nestled near the Nedunkundram hillock. We have provided expert advice on business strategies for marketing and pricing – helping them turn this space into a profitable venture!

Key Achievements:

▸Evaluated the company’s current marketing efforts and identified areas for improvement.
▸Provided recommendations for improving Zareen Valley’s marketing efforts
▸Developed a comprehensive marketing plan that included tactics for reaching the target audience, tracking progress, and adjusting strategies as needed.

Delivering a Tailored and Results-Driven Strategy

Fye Network (FyeN) is a multimedia, entertainment, and content creation company. They have wanted to reposition their business model, and to get aid in this mission, they have sought the expertise of Dependopolis for fractional CEO service.

We have suggested several marketing ideas and business models based on their goals. FyeN is now specialized in curating African-centered children’s content, and they are very promising in this industry.